5G NR Cell Identity (NCI) Calculator

This Page provides information about 5G NR Cell Identity (NCI) Calculator. Calculator is based on 3GPP 38.413 and 38.300 Release 17 specifications.

5G NR Cell Identity(NCI)

The NR Cell Id (NCI) is a numeric value that helps differentiate individual cells and plays a crucial role in various network operations, including handovers, resource allocation, and interference management. The calculation involves combining specific components and utilizing predefined algorithms to generate the NCI for each cell. It comprises a 36-bit value consisting of two parts: the gNodeB ID (22-32 bit) and the Sector ID (4-14 bits). The calculation methods ensure that neighboring cells have unique NCIs, which is essential for optimizing network performance and minimizing interference.

Calculator will help you to convert the NR Cell Identity (NCI) to gNodeB Id + Sector ID and back (gNodeB Id + Sector ID to NCI).

Formula to calculate 5G NR Cell Identity (NCI) :

NCI = gNodeB ID * 2 ^ (36 -gNodeB ID Length) +Sector ID

By assigning unique 5G NR Cell Identity (NCI) to cells, minimizes interference and enables efficient frequency reuse within the network. Neighboring cells with different NCIs can operate on the same frequencies without causing interference, increasing overall network capacity and data rates. This uniqueness also contributes to enhanced handovers and better resource management, improving the user experience.

In the dynamic world of 5G networks, there are two important identifiers that play distinct roles: the NR Cell Identity (NCI) and the NR Cell Global Identifier (NCGi). While both identifiers are significant, it is essential to understand their differences and how they contribute to the efficient functioning of 5G networks.

The NCI is a unique numeric identifier assigned to individual cells within a 5G network. It serves as an essential component for various network operations, including handovers, resource allocation, interference management, and network planning. The NCGi, on the other hand, is a globally unique identifier assigned to each cell within a 5G network. It provides a more detailed representation of the cell’s location and identity. The NCGi typically comprises components such as MCC, MNC and NCI. This identifier enables precise identification and tracking of a specific cell globally, facilitating efficient network management, mobility management, and inter-operator coordination. NCGi plays a crucial role in scenarios where accurate cell identification across different operators or geographical regions is required.

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