5G NR SSB SSS EPRE Power Calculator

This Page provides information about 5G NR SSB SSS EPRE Power Calculator. Calculator help you to get major RNP Design paramerts: Cell SSB SSS EPRE Power and UT (UE) Receiver sensitivity for SSB (dBm) depends on AAU/RRU/RRH and UT Power, Frequency Range and Bandwidth Configurations. Calculator is based on 3GPP communication standards.

RNP design level RSRP level depends of SSB SSS EPRE Power.

You can use Result of 5G NR SSB SSS EPRE Power Calculator to get 5G NR RNP Design Cell Range from our 5G NR Link budget calculator

Update1: Bandwidth of SSB RE Fix (Thx Andy)

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Comments 3
  • Dear Oleg,
    thank you for this comprehensive tool.
    Can you give me more insights (formulars) regrading the calculation of SSS EPRE Power and Bandwidth of SSB RE.?
    I’m wondering to achieve a Bandwidth of SSB of 7.2 MHz selecting a BW of 5MHz!?
    Thanks in advance


    • Dear, Andy!
      It was crazy mistake 🙂 at formulas
      I fixed It, please CHeck!

      To get Bandwidth of SSB RE i use this formulas:
      Bandwidth of SSB RE = Subcarrier Spacing (µ),Hz*ROUNDUP(10*log10(max(20*12*IF( Frequency Range FR1orFR2==1,30000,240000)/Subcarrier Spacing (µ),XXX)))
      Where XXX -> CSI-RS REs allocation ->”insights information” (i cant share it)
      Regard Oleg

      • Dear Oleg,
        Thank you for this interesting calculator. Can you give more information on how you compute the SSS EPRE Power please?

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