5G NR SSB SSS Power Calculator

This Page provides information about 5G NR SSB SSS Power Calculator. Calculator help you to get major RNP Design (for SS-RSRP) paramerts: Cell SSB SSS EPRE Beam Power and UT (UE) Receiver sensitivity for SSB (dBm) depends on AAU/RRU/RRH and UT Power, Frequency Range and Bandwidth Configurations. Calculator is based on 3GPP communication standards.

RNP design level SS-RSRP level depends of SSB SSS EPRE Beam Power.

You can use Result of 5G NR SSB SSS Power Calculator to get 5G NR RNP Design Cell Range from our 5G NR Link budget calculator

Update1: Bandwidth of SSB RE Fix (Thx Andy)

Update2: Fix calculator name. Fix Major mistakes at calculation (Thx Marco)

Update3: Fix Beam EPRE at calculation

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  • Dear Oleg,
    thank you for this comprehensive tool.
    Can you give me more insights (formulars) regrading the calculation of SSS EPRE Power and Bandwidth of SSB RE.?
    I’m wondering to achieve a Bandwidth of SSB of 7.2 MHz selecting a BW of 5MHz!?
    Thanks in advance


    • Dear, Andy!
      It was crazy mistake 🙂 at formulas
      I fixed It, please CHeck!

      To get Bandwidth of SSB RE i use this formulas:
      Bandwidth of SSB RE = Subcarrier Spacing (µ),Hz*ROUNDUP(10*log10(max(20*12*IF( Frequency Range FR1orFR2==1,30000,240000)/Subcarrier Spacing (µ),XXX)))
      Where XXX -> CSI-RS REs allocation ->”insights information” (i cant share it)
      Regard Oleg

      • Dear Oleg,
        Thank you for this interesting calculator. Can you give more information on how you compute the SSS EPRE Power please?

      • XXX is always 240, but is there information why you use this number?

        so formull is always
        Bandwidth of SSB RE = Subcarrier Spacing (µ),Hz* 240.

        Thank you very much for this tools

  • Hi Oleg
    Thanks for the great work.
    Can you elaborate how the number of beams plays into the equation?

  • Dear Oleg
    Thank you for your tools.
    Could you give us formula how to calculate SSS EPRE Power?
    I wonder how that formula differs from formula for EPRE Power =[Output power per TX, dBm]-10log10([No of RB per cell] *12) ?

    • Dear, Robert!
      It was mistake at formulas and calculator name.
      EPRE Power =[Output power per TX, dBm]-10log10([No of RB per cell] *12) – it is correct (I used it at 5G NR SSB SSS Power Calculator). Please check!
      Regards, Oleg

  • Dear Oleg,

    Can share the formula to calculate SSS power and SSS Total SSB Power calculation?

    • Dear,Anthony Kiu Kwong Soon!

      SSS EPRE per Tx =[Output power per TX, dBm]-10log10([No of RB per cell] *12)
      SSS EPRE Beam (depend on Tx mode), for 64Tx SSS EPRE Beam = SSS EPRE per Tx+10*LOG10(64)
      SSS POWER TX(SUM of EPRE) = SSS EPRE per Tx + 10*LOG10(127)
      Regards, Oleg

  • Dear Oleg,

    Thanks for the wonderful tool. Regarding the receiver sensitivity, my calculation as follow:
    Receiver sensitivity = Thermal noise + noise figure + target SINR – receiver diversity gain
    Thermal noise = -174 + 10*log(7200000) = -105.42dB
    Noise figure = 4dB
    Target SINR = -6dB
    2 Rx beam, thus receiver diversity = -10*log(2) = 3dB
    The result is -105.43 + 4 -6 – 3 = -110.44, which is 3dB different from the tool.
    Could it be receiver diversity gain not considered inside the tool?


  • Can you please elabote the difference between the SSS Power and SSB power.
    What i am seeking is the SSB block power and as it contains all PSS, SSS and PBCH and you gave the formula already for SSS so shall it be like;
    SSB Power= SSS+ PSS+PBCH Power
    PBCH offset comes in forms of offset and i think that should be in respect of SS EPRE hence PBCH Power= SS EPRE- PBCH Offset.

    Correct me if I am wrong!!

  • Dear Oleg,

    Thanks for your excellent work. I have some questions about the SSS EPRE Beam and SSS EPRE in massive MIMO.
    When measuring the SS-RSRP, which EPRE is used? SSS EPRE Beam or SSS EPRE.
    SSS EPRE Beam is related to Tx mode, but for SSB transmission, there uses broadcast beam, what is the Tx mode?


    • Dear, Jim!
      broadcast beam use all TX
      To get SS-RSRP for massive Mimo, You should to use SSS EPRE Beam (Because beam consist of sum of many TX EPRE)
      SSS EPRE per Tx =[Output power per TX, dBm]-10log10([No of RB per cell] *12)
      SSS EPRE Beam (depend on Tx mode), for 64Tx SSS EPRE Beam = SSS EPRE per Tx+10*LOG10(64)
      Regards, Oleg

  • HI OlegV@5GTools

  • Dear Oleg

    Thanks for your great work! Please check bandwidth of SSB RE for various numerologies (subcarrier spacing). Therefore, 15kHz does represent 180 kHz, 30 kHz 360 kHz and 60 kHz 720 kHz, etc. a.s.o. 1440 kHz is reserved for FR2! Please also correct the formula for receiver sensitivity, accordingly. Thanks a lot!

    Regards, Thomas

  • Dear Oleg why did you use 64 Tx in SSS EPRE Beam calculation. Does a ue have 64rx?

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