5G NR Link budget calculator

This Page provides information about 5G NR Link budget calculator. Š”alculator allows to calculate the maximum Link budget of 5G NR network depending on Cell Radius, gNodeB/UT configuration, Propagation model, attenuations, etc.

You can calculate the Link budget (Signal level at receiver) and then compare it with Rx Reception sensitivity. Then you will understand Radio Channel Status (Pass or Fail) and Cell Radius.

5G NR Link budget Visualization

The calculation is based on the  3GPP 38.901 standard. Approximately Link budget of 5G NR can be calculated using the formula:

5G NR Link budget

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Comments 2
  • Great tools!!! Congrats!

    Are there more information how to derive the reception sencitivities for gNB and UT?
    I mean the particulary the noise figures and the demodulation thresholds (SINR) for the different Modulation schemes?


    • Dear, Andy S.

      You can calculate Receiver sensitivity like:
      Receiver sensitivity=Node B (or UT) Noise figure,dB +Thermal noise,dB (for Subcarrier configuration, transmission bandwidth etc.) +SINR, dB
      Noise figure(for NodeB and UT) and SINR -> vendor specific.
      It is confidential information from equipment vendor (Nokia, Huawei etc). You should to ask them šŸ˜‰ Anyway

      For example you can use SINR = -6 for the slowest modulation and coding schemes
      And Noise figure=5


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