Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) Calculator

This Page provides information about Free Space Path Loss Calculator (FSPL). Calculator is based on Recommendation ITU-R P.525-4 and allows you to calculate Free Space Path Loss depends on frequency and Distance between Tx and Rx.

Free space Tx Rx distance

Approximately FSPL can be calculated using the formula:

Free Space Path Loss Formula

For more accuracy Path Loss (PL) calculation you can add Transmitting (Receiving) Antenna Gain and Feeder losses:

Path Loss Formula with Antenna and feeder

Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) is a measure of the signal loss in a communications link. It is depend on the distance traveled by electromagnetic energy between two points. The term is used in radio communication, satellite communications, and other system that transmit signals over long distances. To determine the path loss between two points, you will need to enter the centre frequency and the distance from that transmitter to a receiving station. The Gain of your antenna and Feeder losses can also be entered if it’s known.

Example 1:

Distance between Tx and Rx: 300 meters. Centre frequency: 3410 MHz.

Path Loss will be: 92.63 dB.

Example 2:

Distance between Tx and Rx: 25000 meters. Centre frequency: 800 MHz.

Transmitting TX Antenna Gain = 19dB. Receiving RX Antenna Gain = 1 dB.

TX Feeder losses = 1 dB. Rx Feeder losses = 1 dB.

Path Loss will be: 100.46 dB.

The FSPL calculator provides a quick and easy way to calculate the loss of free space path from an existing point. This information will help you make decisions regarding your network design. But calculator does not account for any other losses that might be present in your network such as hardware failures, fast and slow fading or interference caused by other devices on the same line of communication.

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