Frequency bands for 5G NR NTN

This Page provides information about frequency bands for 5G NR NTN. Information based on 3GPP TR 38.741 Release 17/18 specification.

You can filtering information about frequency bands NTN, for your convenience.

3GPP Release 17 introduced two bands for 5G NTN:

L-band n255 (1626.5-1660.5 / 1525-1559 MHz) and S-band n256 (1980-2010 / 2170-2200 MHz).

Currently, several frequency ranges are being discussed within 3GPP for NTN. We found unconfirmed 3GPP information about the frequency range n254 (1610-1626.5/2483.5-2500 Mhz), n510 (17.7-20.2 GHz/27.5-28.35 GHz), n511 (17.7-20.2 GHz/28.35-30.0 GHz), n512 (17.7-20.2 GHz/27.5-30.0 GHz)

5MHz, 10MHz and [15 MHz, 20 MHz] channel bandwidths are specified for the bands. The 15 MHz and 20 MHz channel bandwidths may need further technical discussions within 3GPP

The frequency ranges in which NR NTN can operate are identified as described in table

Table : Definition of frequency ranges 5G NTN

NR operating bandUplinkDownlinkDuplex mode
n2541610 MHz – 1626.5 MHz2483.5 MHz – 2500 MHzFDD
n2551626.5 MHz – 1660.5 MHz1525 MHz – 1559 MHzFDD
n2561980 MHz – 2010 MHz2170 MHz – 2200 MHzFDD
n51027.5 GHz – 28.35 GHz17.7 GHz – 20.2 GHzFDD
n51128.35 GHz – 30.0 GHz17.7 GHz – 20.2 GHzFDD
n51227.5 GHz – 30.0 GHz17.7 GHz – 20.2 GHzFDD

Update1: Add n510, n511, n512 bands

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