Spectral Efficiency 5G NR calculator

This Page provides information about Spectral Efficiency 5G NR calculator. Сalculator allows to calculate the Spectral Efficiency of 5G network. Approximately Spectral Efficiency of 5G NR (bits/sec/Hz) can be calculated using the formula:

Spectral efficiency 5G

The calculation is based on the 3GPP standard recommendation. To obtain the correct result of Spectral Efficiency calculator, it is necessary to:

  • calculate 5G NR Throughput (depend on number of MIMO layers, Bandwidth, Frequency range, modulation type, and so on. For correct result number of aggregated component carriers should be 1).
  • Divide the 5G NR Throughput, bps by Channel (Band) Bandwidth, Hz.

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Comments 4
  • Hi..
    It’s a good calculation tool for spectral efficiency 5G NR. May I know how to calculate about 4G? As I knew the FDD and TDD calculation different..right?

    • Dear, Max!
      As we know Spectral Efficiency = bits/second/Hz. For 4G Spectral Efficiency= 4G LTE Throughput / channel bandwidth, Hz,
      You should to use 4g-lte-throughput-calculator to get 4G LTE Throughput and
      Use parameter from 4G LTE Throughputs calculator “BW- Band Bandwidth” * 1000000 as “Channel bandwidth, Hz”
      “As I knew the FDD and TDD calculation different..right?” -Yes, You are right! You can change it in 4G LTE Throughputs calculator to get differents results!
      Regards, Oleg

  • Hi Oleg

    Your calculators are of great use to us. Thank u so much.

    One doubt. In this calculator, is the ‘Calculated 5G NR Throughput, Mbps’ DL+UL throughput in case of TDD?
    In case of FDD I believe we will calculate efficiency of DL and UL separately with respect to their bandwidths.

  • I would to correlate the BW and the Eb/N0 to 5G modulation schema. I do not find anything about Eb/No required to discern the signal.
    Can anyone help me?

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